Saving Kenwood Businesses

A fire can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage for your business and halt operations for months after. Heat and flames can scorch a building, but other damage caused by smoke and soot can remain for years after the fire has been quenched. If neglected, your business will smell like smoke for years to come.

Surviving a fire is stressful and Paul Davis knows that your beloved business and livelihood are at risk. Along with emergency fire damage removal and remediation, we provide elimintating soot and smoke damage too. Whether big or small, Paul Davis of Kenwood performs emergency fire damage removal and restoration services to businesses throughout the Kenwood market.

Our Technique

  • We arrive at your business to assist you within hours, 24/7
  • Thorough damage assessments, pretesting and estimates from specialists
  • Board-ups for unsafe areas and building stabilization
  • Soot and debris eliminated without harmful chemicals
  • Sanitation, smoke smell removal and air purification
  • Commercial contents sanitation – whatever your business does, we can clean harmed items inside
  • Commercial grade water extractors, dehumidifiers, fans and other methods designed to eliminate water resulting from killing the flames
  • We can rebuild any portion of your building that was destroyed by the fire
  • Defence against mold and mildew with disinfectants and antimicrobial solution

Kenwood Paul Davis is Here for You

We understand how difficult a fire can be on commercial properties, so we move quickly to get your property back to normal. Our education, sanitation methods and years of training aid us in completing the restoration effectively the first time. We can salvage any inventory using specialized equipment and sanitation methods, typically being able to revive the items inside your commercial property to their normal condition. We also assist with filing insurance claims to aid in the recovery process.

If your business has experienced a fire, reach out to the fire damage and smoke cleanup professionals at Paul Davis. Our Kenwood service masters will be there to help.