Renovation Services

If you’re looking for professional commercial or home remodeling, Paul Davis of Petaluma is available. At Paul Davis, we take pride in our professional renovation and restoration services. Paul Davis professionals know how to create beautiful improvements that are energy efficient and match your standards. Regardless if you need renovation services for your residence or business, we will take the challenge.

In regards to renovation, your style and needs take priority. By melding together your needs and our knowledge, the Petaluma Paul Davis renovation team can give you a beautiful final product. We initiate our remodeling with a no-cost evaluation, honing in on your perfect result for your kitchen or bathroom. The Paul Davis team will keep you inside your budget and timeline and give suggestions to better the renovation.

Kitchen Renovations from Paul Davis

When you think of your ideal kitchen, you might imagine throwing sophisticated get togethers or whipping up large dinners for family. With remodeling from Petaluma Paul Davis contractors, you can grow the ability of your kitchen to make those dreams come true. The Paul Davis professionals are skilled with wiring, plumbing and more. With our expertise and a complete outline of your preferences, you’ll get a great new kitchen along with growing the worth of your home. Contact Paul Davis of Petaluma today to find out more details regarding our kitchen renovation services.

Remodeling for Your Bathroom

Occasionally the only privacy you get is in the bathroom, so we know how important the right features are to your everyday life. Paul Davis contractors can do remodels for bathtubs and cabinets for a fair rate with top notch workmanship. We work directly with you to ensure the finished result that matches your preferences.

Most Trusted Remodeling in Petaluma

We don’t only do bathrooms and kitchens. The Paul Davis team also works on garages, dens and the rest of your home. Our contractors are skilled painters, drywallers, electricians and more. Contact the professionals at Paul Davis in Petaluma today for a free consultation for large and minor projects.