Other Remodeling Services

While they may be the most popular, bathrooms and kitchens aren’t the only rooms that need to be remodeled. Bedrooms, basements, garages, and other areas within a home can also be remodeled. Paul Davis is your resource for all remodeling projects in Petaluma.

You and your Paul Davis technician will meet to discuss the full scope of your project. From a complete overview to the smallest details, we’ll make sure to consider everything. After we have completed this phase, we’ll start working as soon as we can.

People have counted on Paul Davis for more than 50 years to fulfill their remodeling needs. This experience has helped us learn how to exceed your expectations for all remodeling work in Petaluma. Our employees complete every project with honesty, respect, and professionalism.

Have you been waiting a long time to update a specific room in your home? Our remodeling team can handle the complete spectrum of projects, both large and small. We use the very best procedures to take care of any project.

It doesn’t take a lot to start the process of remodeling in your home. Call Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling for your free consultation.