Trauma and Bio-Hazard Cleanup

Suicides and similar tragedies are delicate affairs calling for particular attention. If your home falls victim to a crisis, crime scene or suicide, handling the scene can look bleak. To fix these incidents, the restoration team needs sensitivity, qualifications and skills. Hiring professionals is wise because the materials left behind are hard to look at and can also be hazardous. The Paul Davis Recovery Services have the education and skills to work with these delicate events correctly and compassionately.

We can assist with:

  • Undiscovered remains
  • Homicide or Suicide Treatment
  • Crime Scene Treatment
  • Trauma Scene Treatment
  • Biohazard Removal Services
  • Industrial or Home Accidents
  • Animal Remains or Waste
  • Hoarding Scenes
  • Forensic Investigation Chemicals

Other Biohazard

As a property owner, it’s hard to handle biohazardous crime scenes without the help of professionals. In addition to visceral biohazards, our can sanitize sewage and drug lab messes. Professionalism is needed for either of these situations to be removed correctly. In both scenarios, biotoxins are prominent enough to cause real health hazards if you aren’t qualified. The Pleasanton crew uses their extensive expertise to remove any hazard they encounter. Contact Pleasanton Paul Davis Restoration for assistance with sewage or drug lab scenes.

Our Qualifications

You can sleep confidently that our professionals will always work with the home and people involved with absolute compassion in the face of difficult situations. The qualifications our team members undergo equips them to restore scenes of all types in a proper way. Paul Davis biohazard specialists receive training from our Trauma/Bio-Recovery course or the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (NIDS). This knowledge help our team members to operate with the latest decontamination steps and tools to restore your property.

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