Hurricane Protection – Prepping Your House from Possible Damage

Water damage, flooding and ruined structures are the typical incidents after a hurricane passes through. Yet, there are a few important methods you can execute in order to prevent these scenarios and any excessive storm damage repairs. It’s crucial to do what you can to secure your house from a hurricane and to keep your loved ones and your neighbors safe. Below is a list of approaches to keep in mind while prepping your home against Mother Nature.

Things to Keep in Mind When a Hurricane Is En Route

  • Garage Door – To prevent any major storm damage restorations, your garage door should be one of the primary things to check for. Most of the garage doors in residential neighborhoods aren’t installed to combat hurricane conditions, so it’s critical to purchase a support kit. Through bracing your garage door, you’ll prevent the winds that create a positive push in your garage. This is important since the winds outside will create a negative pull over your garage. When this happens, you’ll get a push-pull scenario which puts a lot of stress on your garage and roof. Purchasing a support kit for your garage door is the most efficient way to avoid excessive damage. However, if it’s too late to install braces, you can use your automobile to support your garage door.
  • Windows and Doors – Water damage is one of the most common hardships associated with hurricanes, and when your windows and doors aren’t safeguarded this will allow the storm to get into your house. Before the storm hits, confirm that your shutters are durable and in a functional condition. The latches on your shutters should be stable and it may be necessary to put additional locks on them. Boarding up your windows is also an efficient approach if you don’t have shutters. One wrong impression that’s passed around for window preparation is that you can tape up the window; but this won’t help at all. Also, verify that your doors are in strong condition and that the deadbolts are functioning right. You can also use braces on your doors for added measure.
  • Roof – A roof inspection is crucial, and you should look out for any out of place shingles and other susceptible areas. You can use roof cement to secure any loose shingles, and you should consider hurricane straps to ensure your roof is secure to your house. Additionally, it’s a good idea to seal any spots where wires enter into your house to avoid any water damage from occurring. During your roof examination, this is a good time to see if your gutters are congested. Proper irrigation is crucial for directing water away from your home during the heavy rains.
  • Your Property – Strolling through your outdoor property is another important step you should take. Your trees and shrubs need treatment and might require some pruning. Any dangling or dead branches can be dangerous in windy conditions and could cause excessive damage to your property. This also consists of items in your yard like patio furniture too. Transfer any items that aren’t secured to the ground or weighed down to a safe place before the wind can take them.
  • Car – Your vehicle can easily be forgotten when you’re securing your home for a hurricane. But it’s a great idea to get your vehicle ready too, so ensure you have: a full tank of gas, working windshield wipers, tires with good tread and your windows sealed. Also, be cognizant of where you park your vehicle, especially if you park on the street. Make sure your vehicle isn’t beneath any trees or in an area that’s vulnerable to floods.

Experienced Hurricane Damage Repair Contractors for Your Home

In spite of all the necessary steps you take in defending your home, there is only so much you can do. If your home experiences damage produced by a hurricane, contact the professionals at Paul Davis. Our storm damage repair and remediation services will get your home back to the condition it was before. We also work with various insurance companies and we can help you determine if your damage is covered. Call Paul Davis today at 888-473-7669 to find a franchise near you.